“Thank you, Father, for giving your secrets to your friends. Thank you for giving us understanding. Your Word brings us to the knowledge of all things. Thank you for the remnant you are speaking to, the ones you have anointed for burial, for dying for you and for your sake. Thank you for the hearts you have prepared to receive your Word. Thank you, Father, because there are no hidden agendas in this message but only your Truth.”

Let’s read John 12:1-8. Mary decided to give all that costly perfume to Jesus, and there was not even one hidden motive in her. But Judas, filled with a hidden agenda, contested her attitude: “Why was not this ointment sold for three hundred pence, and given to the poor?” It sounds so good what Judas said, but Jesus saw things differently than all His disciples, and He is giving us the same ability now. We have that same gift He had and the same discernment. Judas wanted what was in the bag! Judas’ righteousness was like filthy rags! Judas may not have known that, but the Holy Spirit did… and exposed it through the gift of discernment! We cannot go by the crowd! This is how the religious spirit actually works. It sounds and looks holy and righteous, but it is not. This is why God gives us the ability to know the intentions of the heart (Hebrews 4:12). It is a gift, and He protects us. That is why so many see, but so many cannot see.

Discernment is a gift that every leader must have, or they will be deceived constantly by the religious spirit! To understand or see how people use their praying, their teaching, and their gifts for their own purpose and not for the Glory of Jesus. Some may not try to steal money from a ministry of Jesus or from the poor, but they still have a hidden agenda because they are seeking: attention, glory, honor, followers, platform, notoriety, fame, fortune, or networking. Jesus came to show us a better way, but man thinks they have the best way! Even a right heart can produce a hidden agenda. Even a hidden agenda with a godly reason is not justified. When we do that, it can become a manipulation, even using children to get money to help them. It can even be a religious act of helping. If the person is not pure, it can be a hidden agenda. What if they use twenty percent? Is the rest of this money for them? They can find a way to justify the end because of the means. This is why we just trust God! We do what we can, but there is never an agenda but our Father’s agenda in our hearts!

In Luke 24:45-53, we see how God opened up their understanding and told them to be filled with power from on high. Power to discern! Power to judge rightly! Some men seek the glory of man, but Jesus sought His Father’s Glory! Read John 5:30-47. When the anointing speaks, the anointing always points to no other man but Jesus Christ. Don’t look for the testimony of man. Look for the testimony of Jesus. Some people love the praise of men more than the praise of God. Read John 12:39-43.

If another comes in their own name, this is a sure sign of the times, seeing how many ministries use their own name, so it seems right out the gate what their first agenda is. Many are receiving them, but they are not receiving those who come in the name of the Lord! Jesus was there bearing witness of His Father, but they did not recognize Him. Why do people try to open other people’s eyes? If God does not do the job, nobody can! For the religious people, the synagogue was more important than the Son of God! Only God can make you see. The Bible says in John 12:42 that many of the Jews and even some leaders in the temple believed on Him but did not confess Him because they loved the praise of man more than the praise of God (John 12:43). This is happening in the system we have, in the religious system today.

This oil, this anointing, is to prepare us for burial. The anointing is not to sell, not to show off, not to do what we want, not to use for our own purpose, and not to smell nice! Why do you have that desire to be great in the world when you are already the sons of God? God sees who seeks His honor or their own honor! There are a lot of Simon the Sorcerer Ministries right now. This is a great example of hidden agendas. 

Read Acts 8:4-24. Simon asked for some of this power. Many are still selling the Holy Spirit to people up to this day. That is why I don’t sell books published by H.O.T. House of Truth because they are not mine. They belong to the Holy Spirit! When you start selling books written by the Holy Spirit, you start losing the value of it! People are always justifying their agendas. I will not use my past to promote my future. I could put a price tag on my testimony and make tons of money out of it! If Simon’s heart was pure, God would have given him that power without any price tag on it. What I mean is that people began even to sell their own testimony. Their past becomes the future, and they start teaching on it, but that is not the Gospel either. They began to make ministry about them and not Him.

Again, discernment is very important! If you have it, you can discern the heart! When we have that, God protects us. But many don’t have it and are so far from Him. They worship only with lips. Matthew 15:7-10 mentions how the heart can be far from God. There is no way to hear the voice of God through a book only, but through tests, trials, tribulation, and by His Spirit, and most importantly, when we have a clean heart! God just wants us to be part of His Glory! When others don’t have it, they see things in the natural and not the spiritual! He that is spiritual judges all things and is not judged! Read 1 Corinthians 2, and you will see the difference between them. Paul did not go to the Church in Corinth because of any hidden agenda but to demonstrate God’s power! There is nothing in common between the Holy Spirit and the religious system! Don’t let your faith rely on the wisdom of man! We must have a discerning spirit and discern spirits as well. Not everybody will get what the Spirit is saying because they cannot compare spiritual things with spiritual things! That is why Jesus said in Matthew 11:15, “He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.” Many are hearing but not perceiving or even understanding what He is really saying.

This is why Christians without the Holy Spirit, without the baptism and the anointing, are very dangerous. They attack with the same carnal and religious spirits and become a brood of vipers, modern day cessationists and religious works and law enforcers. When it’s all about the heart, Jesus came to change hearts.

People don’t want to trust the real gifts in the Body, like apostles. They need to see it for themselves, but that’s how the blind lead the blind. At least Simon the Sorcerer was more honest than Judas. This guy was more honest than most Christians today. He straight out said, “Give me this power,” so in his mind, he could become like a god. People thought he had some great power, but if he had it, why did he ask for the real power? Today ministers still would say, “Okay, thanks for the offering and seed. God is going to bless you.” They would take the money because this is how they are doing it now. They even put meetings together and charge for the anointing. But not Peter. He said, “Your money will perish with you” (Acts 8:20).

Who had known the mind of the Lord will judge all the hidden agendas. Are we carnally-minded? Are we carnal? Are our agendas carnal? Is there any of it in you? Ask Him to reveal them to you and burn them out! Everything we do must be for His purpose, not our purpose, not our dreams or wants. “Father, sharpen our discernment. None of us have arrived. Help us to have discernment. Father, humble us today. Forgive us for any hidden motives. Cleanse us. Father, show me to me so I can repent. Give us boldness to see what you hate. Help us to have pure motives all the time. Amen!”

Shane Roessiger

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