This has been on my heart, about the Wound of Rejection. I really realize that if we do not get healed of this wound or start the process of getting healed, it turns into wrong pursuits. Pursuits that are always looking for the praises of men, the approval of man, and the favor of man. Always looking to finally be lifted up by someone because that wound of rejection has just made us feel like no one cares about me, no one receives me, no one likes to hear me. But we actually need healing. And God can actually shut everyone’s mouth because if you don’t get healed, their honor, their good words to you will rip open that wound even more until you start to become like Saul, always wanting to do what will please the people because that’s now what you have created as your foundation. Because you don’t want to go back to the land of rejection, you are too high on the praises of men, and the praises of God are not enough for you anymore. 

Wounds of rejection over time create man-pleasers, eunuchs, and self-exaltation. You easily start to become more about yourself and start to care less about the body, and you only want the body to focus on you and what you got. Only wanting to lift up what you do, what God told you, it all becomes about you... And anyone that will give you that, you will easily and unknowingly make them a eunuch because they are soothing your wounds. This may look like a demonic thing but really, deep down, it’s a real wounded person. A weak person that cannot take the rejection anymore and has made man’s praises and men’s honor their foundation. And whether they get it or not, inwardly without anyone knowing and maybe not even to their own knowledge, some may be ignorant, but their heart desires it. We all struggle with this from one level or another. 

Sometimes we get rejected so much that we try to do more to be seen, we try to do more to make that one person like us or give us the honor we want, but we are on a wounded pursuit! We all need to heal together as a body. There is hope! He is the Healer and He will heal those that are not willing to exalt their wound but heal their wounds. It’s a process but He is good and faithful to do it! When we get healed of rejection, there is an abundance of God's affection waiting for us. Looking for His praises, His pleasure, and His approval is the start of our healing process! Some may never honor you, but if you have God's honor, that’s more honor than the whole world can give combined…

By Joe Pinto

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