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Rebellion brings witchcraft. Pride causes us to do things our way. Pride is evil. This is rebellion, and suddenly, we are moving in witchcraft. Saul thought he was obeying the voice of the Lord, but he did not fully hearken to God’s voice. But he thought he did. Why? Because he became too important, too big, and too famous. He did not wait on the Lord. He tweaked what God told him. He did not do all that God said but most of it. It was still not okay, so a little disobedience is still disobedience. Because he did it his way. Then Samuel came to rebuke him and said: “When you were little in your own eyes.” We start focusing on all we are doing, and we start thinking we are okay because of all that we do. We see all as sacrifices, but we are not fully obeying Him. To obey and to harken to His commandment is better than sacrifice. We must do all He says the way He says to do it and fully. Half obedience is disobedience, and obedience is better than sacrifice. Saul worried about what man saw and what man wanted and what man would think of him more than what God thought and wanted. – This all is up in the church today. We should not exalt our way, because that will bring us destruction. That is the battle: His will and our will, man-pleasing, or God-pleasing. Even when God stripped Saul, he still wanted to look good in front of the people. Let the Holy Spirit take all of this out of us. May we all have a passion for one audience. Let this be what moves us. 

Let us see how the Bible deals with prophetic witchcraft. Let us read 1 Samuel 15:16-35. 

People do what carnal men tell them, but a spiritual man tells them what to do; they do not do it. Saul feared people more than the Lord and His Prophet and wanted to obey people's voices. The devil will try to convince you of what is of God and is not of God anymore. Divination in the garden, prophetic witchcraft deceived Eve! Saul was still king, but he was not God’s anointed king anymore. Many are still pastors, but they are not God’s pastor anymore. Many are having a title or position without the oil. “God, please, never take your oil from us.” So, God used His prophet to kill what Saul and the people did not want to kill. 

What has God told you to kill once, and you did, but you keep resurrecting that thing? Look at the seed of Ishmael. All the trouble from that one act of disobedience. If you keep the seed that He is telling you to kill, you will reap the harvest of it. Many prophetic seeds are born out of their desires. You must be mature to discern them all. Once the prophet walks into the house and starts killing what you did not want to, that is a sign that you are in rebellion with God. 

Prophetic witchcraft uses words and things that appeal to one’s soulish desires, making one rebel against the word or ways of God. Tapping into sources of darkness. Manipulation is witchcraft! Even if your intentions are good, it is still sin, and it even summons spirits. God hates it. He calls all of it abomination. 

When we do not obey God, we are in rebellion! That is an open door! Then what ends up happening is that you begin to produce prophetic witchcraft! We say it is from God – we call that prophetic, but it is prophetic witchcraft. The world operates in witchcraft because it 

operates from the soul! The world has commercials, news, Hollywood movies, and even in the school system, almost everything has manipulation, fear, and a force behind it. 

Witchcraft is one of the attributes of walking in the flesh! Satan runs us by the flesh. He makes us lust not love! Satan runs people by lust. The lust of the flesh. God runs people by love. Satan runs people by lust. God runs them by love. The flesh lusts. The Spirit loves! Lust is selfish. Love denies self! Lust covets and is full of greed. Love gives. Lust is never satisfied. Love fulfills all! God is love. Satan is lust! It is darkness and light. Everyone wants to be a mature believer, but they are not willing to kill all the soul ties that bring confusion. 

Baits and traps of witchcraft: wounds, betrayals, abuse, hurt, pain, rejection, losses, and unexpected deaths. Satan will use that as his platform. All of these can attract unholy movements. He will put God’s name on this movement to attract many. 

We hear God clearest when we are the purest. It has nothing to do with being young or old, but how pure we are. Especially important that we keep ourselves pure and humble. Samuel heard God clearly as a little boy when Eli no longer obeyed God and allowed witchcraft and rebellion in God’s house through his sons. Now we are the temple of God. We cannot allow witchcraft in His temple. Lots of prophetic witchcraft comes from smoke and mirrors. It taps into the spiritual realm, then you move not in the prophetic but in divination! When seeds of witchcraft are dropped, what do you do? Pluck out the seed or let it grow. Just because some say “God”, it does make it of God. What that person is doing is putting witchcraft out! This is a profoundly serious thing. Yes, God will use “God said,” but if it is God, it is real prophecy.

Third-party posting, meaning when you post out of witchcraft, Satan uses that to deceive people, to divert people, and to confuse people! That is a form of witchcraft. Many ministers preach and prophecy from witchcraft! It is extremely easy to add soul and flesh and personal agendas in with the word and you have a recipe for manipulation! Any form of manipulation means man's way of doing things. This is prophetic witchcraft, and it denies the power, and it is a perversion of God’s word. 

Read 2 Kings 9:22 and 2 Chronicles 33:1-8. 

There is no peace where there is witchcraft and manipulation. There will be so many in witchcraft until you get Jezebel out of the way. Until you get your way out of His way and the flesh out of the way. When there is witchcraft, you can feel the strange fire! When you keep your way, you are building altars for your own self. God is supposed to sit on the throne of our hearts. Satan wants to place idols there, taking God out of His rightful place. This is Satan’s plan: he perverts order and uses the weakness of man and wounds of the soul to move inside that vessel. 

Feeling – if you put your feelings above the word of God, you put yourself above His word. The soul realm is all about emotion. Unfortunately, many put witchcraft on themselves. It can really have power over vessels! You can be led by the Spirit of God or by your feelings. People use tears or anger to manipulate others. Even fear is an emotion. Many are leading others to do what they want by fear. Fear is a doorway to be controlled or manipulated by the devil. We see that in abuse. This is the big plan of the enemy. We thank God because He is perfecting faith in us. 

The world practices witchcraft and perfects it because it has power! Witchcraft is the highest way to manipulate someone. Peter was moved by his soul to manipulate Jesus. Peter was all about himself at that point in time. He did not want Jesus to go to the cross That is why God gave us discernment! But the more you fall into witchcraft, the more you lose your discernment! Then Jesus strongly plucked out that seed and called out that witchcraft. 

Any one of these can lead you under witchcraft: Soothsayer: a person supposed to be able to foresee the future. Charlatan: a person falsely claiming to have special knowledge or skill; a fraud. Diviner: someone who claims to discover hidden knowledge with the aid of supernatural powers. People that say half-truths. Satan will deceive many because they do not love the Truth, full Truth, the full Gospel, the narrow path! 

Let us read Jeremiah 14:13-15, Ezekiel 13:5-8, and Acts 16:16-18. 

Many prophets are prophesying lies when God did not send them to speak anything. We do not only need TRUTH but unction! Vain imagination means to speak out of your own soul. We see that media and politics move in this realm. It is their way of life. As darkness comes, the more you see it! Divination distracts us from where we really should be going. We not only need Truth; we need an unction for the Truth. Without discernment, we will be deceived. You don’t have to earn it, ask for it. You do not have to buy it, just humble yourself to receive it. Our fleshly desires are extraordinarily strong if we give them power. 

Read Deuteronomy 18:9-13. 

We have a realm that is so clean with all the gifts of the Spirit, but because Satan has perverted some of them, people start ignoring and being afraid of all of them. Satan wants you to trust him, which means to trust your flesh, your ways, but we must ask God to deliver us from the temptation of trusting in anything else but Him! 

This Bible is so amazing! Because no matter what time we are living in, everything is for now! 

Nothing new under the sun! All these are all in the same - familiar spirits! People manipulate for one reason and one reason alone: to get their way! But if your way is not God’s way, you are in big trouble. God's will and men’s will! When we live by our will, we give strength to witchcraft because disobedience is as the sin of witchcraft. 

Many people with good intentions, even when they push their interpretation of the Bible, can move in witchcraft! So many deceived people are deceiving people using bible verses! We need to be sharp with the word, cutting down every lie! Therefore God gave us the gifts. Usually, those who do not have the baptism of the Holy Spirit get caught up and end up being deceived! Because the letter without the Spirit kills. 

Look how Satan tried to put the craft on Jesus! Satan tried to put the witchcraft on Jesus…but He did not fall for it! Satan uses temptations also to get us to move in witchcraft! People can get good at manipulations! Look at when he came to Jesus in the desert during Jesus’s 40 days of fasting. Satan said, “If you are…” then he used scripture out of context, but Jesus was pure. The prince of this world has nothing in Jesus, and we must be just like that. We need to get all this world out of us if we are going to be able to stand. 

Read Matthew 4:1-11. 

Satan did not lie to Jesus. He was using Truth to manipulate him to do what he wants. Our lifestyle of prayer and fasting will help us to be strong in a time of temptation. Satan said, “But also it is written, Jesus.” He used the written word, trying to convince him. Jesus said to satan the same thing he said to Peter – the chosen one: “Get behind me, satan.” 

This is why we need the HOLY SPIRIT: WITHOUT HIM WE ARE LOST! 

Read Romans 8:1-8. 

How to avoid walking or being under witchcraft? Walk after the Spirit and not after the flesh. Or you will be doing things of the flesh, and then you will be operating in witchcraft and any kind of unclean sorcery. How to please God? Walk in the Spirit. Many are trying to please God by walking in the flesh. That is impossible. So, we see that THE SPIRIT IS CHRIST! So what happens when we are in the Spirit (Christ) – we are not in the flesh! 

Read Galatians 5. 

We are free from any witchcraft unless we walk in the flesh. Obey and follow the Spirit. Obey His way. We have been called to freedom, but we can’t use liberty to walk in the flesh. Lust and love: we must pick one. If we walk in the Spirit, we will not fulfill the lust of the flesh; wherever there is lust, there is flesh, there is witchcraft. Witchcraft is the work of the flesh! All of the words of the flesh are used by satan to manipulate man. We can’t be in two places at once: we can’t be seated with Christ and swimming with alligators in the swamp. Get out of the law of the flesh. Go back to the law of the Spirit. 

Crucify the flesh with its affection and lust. When you want your way, that is lust! We pray for His way. We will bend to His way and nothing else. Let us not be desiring our vainglory! What you want is not even worthy! You are the head and not the tail. So you can’t even let the witchcraft of the world come upon you. 

At the end of the day, HIS SHEEP HEAR HIS voice! Goats hear their own voice and the voice of the stranger! Make no provision for the flesh, make no room for witchcraft, make no room for your 

own way! Anyone who uses the word of God to manipulate their own agenda, using the name of GOD or the gifts and the Word of God, is the one who operates in prophetic witchcraft. 

We cast down anything that exalts itself above the will of God and His Word. “Father, we want to obey you every step of the way! Father, we don’t want to manipulate anything by our own vain desires. We want to push everybody towards the cross and Your way! We will not desire to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil! The Spirit of Truth will guide us and will help us to not be deceived. May the devil have no place in our lives. Let your will always be what we live by and for, in Jesus’ name!” Shane Roessiger

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