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When God says, He gave us the power to become sons of God, that word “power” means grace! Grace to do everything He called us to do and become who He created us to be! We are all called to be separated to the power of grace. It will take grace to be established! This is true grace. This is true Gospel! As many have received Him, He gave them POWER = GRACE to become! There is no way to become anything that is of God without grace! To live in holiness and to be holy, we must obtain true grace, real power! Grace for power, grace for becoming, grace for being transformed! True grace is the power to be just like Him. 

Read Romans 1:1-20, John 1:1-17, 1 Corinthians 4:20. 

True grace means that if we do fall, conviction will fall on us like a ton of bricks! There is no true grace without true repentance! There is no TRUE GRACE without humility! There is no true grace unto salvation unless the Spirit draws us! All three of these are written.

GRACE IS THE POWER TO BECOME! Grace is God reaching and finding us in our bondage - our sin and our rebellion – and delivering us! Without faith, there is no true grace! Grace is not giving us a pardon to sin, but the power to overcome sin! Those who overcome the world are washed by His blood. Our righteousness is still as filthy rags! It was back then in the Old Testament, and it is still now under a New Covenant…It’s His righteousness in Christ, but we must be in Christ! Not in the flesh! There is grace for salvation; then there is grace unto sanctification.

Read Romans 8:1-14. 

There is no condemnation in the Spirit, but there is in the flesh! Grace does not prevent a seared conscience! Grace gives power to sanctify our mind, body, and soul! Grace does not eliminate your cross! It compels us to pick it up…False grace only deceives and leaves someone in bondage! So, people say, “O, God, give me grace,” and God says, “Repent, and grace will be there.” Do not try to earn your righteousness and holiness. Grace is the only thing that can do that. Submit to the grace of God, and His power will perform the rest! The Gospel of grace is inside of you. Its name is Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit. 

Why is false grace so dangerous? Because if we begin to practice something or start believing something, that will become a bad habit and sin! So, this breaks the relationship with the Holy Spirit, and it grieves the Holy Spirit! It brings us into bondage and darkness, and it can and will deceive us! Why do you think there is so much division in the body? Because of heresies, false doctrines, and the leaven of the Pharisees. Because there are so many different doctrines. Jesus tells us to beware of the leaven of the Pharisees… 

This is where we get all these compromising doctrines, compromising lifestyles, and trying to sanctify ourselves with false grace. All the other doctrines without the power and the cross are bringing us back into bondage. This is the biggest trap of Satan! His endgame is deception. It makes you feel you are right, but you are not! That is called being deceived. 

Read Matthew 15:1-20 and Matthew 23:23-33. 

See, if we keep the law, we must live by it! Who can fulfill the law without grace, which is the power to do? There is a difference in keeping something and being something! I do not keep Jesus. I become one with Him and His Spirit. 

We do not keep the law. We live it! You can try to keep the law, but you will never be able to fulfill it in your own self without power! We do not try to be righteous. We are the righteousness of CHRIST! We have winds of doctrines that are trying to make us hybrids! We are either in the New Covenant of the Spirit or under the Old Covenant of the law! No half breeds. Grace is sanctifying us in the Truth. We obey Him. In that, we become one with Him, co-heirs with Christ in the Spirit. If we live in Him, He cannot deny Himself.

Many are trying to be “good,” but words that come forth out of the heart prove they are bad in their hearts. Their own thoughts are full of ungodly seeds. They keep trying to keep the “law of being good” without ever submitting to the real grace, never experiencing the power of being! He says, “I came to change you unto My image.” For that, He gave us power! “Now, I am here to give you the grace to work it out.” “I have come to make your heart clean. You thought you could do it all by yourself, but here is the power that is available.” You can be a worker of iniquity, doing all the good deeds, but never experiencing the power of grace changing you. If you keep trying in the flesh, you deny the reason for His power in your own life. Cleaning the cup on the inside is what Jesus came to do. That takes a lot of grace to do. 

This hybrid thing happens when people cannot see how good God is, and when people cannot believe that all we need to do is submit to Him! What they do not realize is that the New Testament says that our righteousness should exceed the righteousness of the Pharisees! That means our righteousness must exceed the righteousness of the law! It must exceed the works of the flesh! It is called perfection - to pick your cross - to let flesh die, decay, rot, and fade away! 

Jesus is giving us the power to be changed from glory to glory and faith to faith. What the law could not do, grace and power are here to clean the heart and to write the law on the tablets of our hearts. 

Read Matthew 5:17-22. 

So, we have false grace where no one perfects holiness, but they are all lawless as well - living in lascivious and calling it the grace of God! If you love, you do not murder or have idols, you do not commit adultery, and you not only honor father and mother but everyone! You keep the sabbath every single day! Every single day should be holy. You don’t just give Him a time of a day, but He is the owner of it all, 24/7. You see, the righteousness of GRACE is far harder than the righteousness of the law. It far exceeds the works of the flesh. Now, we cannot even meditate on breaking any laws and are already guilty. Woe, they try to act so holier than thou in works of the flesh.

It is not an outward thing. It is a transformation from the inside out! The crazy thing is that God has been bringing the Truth over and over and over! Wolves are always trying to proselytize the sheep! But I have noticed this: those who have no power, show no backing by God and still fall into debates. They are always in strife, always learning, but never coming to the knowledge of the TRUTH! You have never seen any Pharisees doing any miracles because they had never reached to real grace, the power of God! Modern-day church pharisees today have no power. They have no grace because God resists the proud. The kingdom of God is not in word but in POWER!

They have an argumentative spirit, self-righteous spirit, critical spirit, judgmental spirit, and a religious spirit! So, if we are still working to attain something that we already are, then the Bible says, we have crucified the Lord repeatedly! If we are working for our righteousness, then we are always going to be dirty. It is His grace that gives us the power to do what we cannot do in the flesh. We can do it in the Spirit, not by might (not by own strength), not by power, not by our own power but by His grace. We can do through submission what we could never have done in the flesh. 

Grace is the endowment to do in the Spirit what we could never do in the flesh! Today, we have so many trying to keep the law instead of living the law! Living in the Spirit is living in Christ! We are not sanctified by our works. We are sanctified by Christ! But our works show what we believe! 

Read Acts 15:5-24. 

We are being sanctified by grace! It is not grace that sanctifies my sins. It is Jesus’ blood! Do not neglect the power of God that is inside of you to change you and to help you to be and to do! Many cannot eat what He is serving because they do not believe that He is the bread of life! He is the feast, He is the bread of life, He is the Passover lamb, He is our atonement. His words are LIFE! 

Read 1 Timothy 4, John 6:26-61. 

Jesus never preached on the law. He was always pointing to Himself for the fulfillment of the law. Jesus never pointed to anything else but to grace, to the Truth, and to the power of God! The Holy Spirit is power! God has and is still releasing, outpouring His power over every weak person, to every humble soul. The problem is we cannot take the hand of a blind person if that blind man is prideful. They, being blind, will try to tell us where to go! Blind guides cannot lead us to freedom because they are blind. 

Grace is so much more! The problem is that if you are blind, you cannot see, and many blind men are leading many others. If we try to show them the Truth, they cannot see! Because we must be born again to see the kingdom of God! You must be born again to have revelation! You must be born again to have eyes to see and ears to hear what the Spirit is saying, showing, and doing. God endows us with gifts and brings forth unity in the Spirit! It makes us one by the Spirit. Many are not of the Spirit but of the flesh! They cannot see or perceive the things of the Spirit, and for that reason, they are not free. 

Read 1 Corinthians 2 and 2 Corinthians 12:9-11. 

My life reveals the power of God. The grace of God manifests the real power of God! To understand the word of God, we need grace, and to follow the word of God we need great grace! His grace is sufficient for us. His strength is made perfect in your humbleness, in admitting that you cannot make it without His power. That is grace! We have power to overcome the elements of this world, to overcome the old man, and to overcome darkness! The manifestation of the sons of God will never happen without real grace, without His power performing this greatest plan of God for our lives. We must be endued with power to become sons and daughters of God Almighty! Get hold of grace! Get hold of power, today! Shane Roessiger

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