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The Lord is my Shepherd. I am not my Shepherd. My job is not my Shepherd. Things and people are not my Shepherd! He leads me to pass by anything that will get me stuck. The process of restoration of our soul is done by Him being our Shepherd. He prepares a table to feast with Him and on Him. He fills my cup with Himself. 

God will lead us past the still waters of religion, tradition, and the ways of man. We walk facing death every day. The world is shaking all around, but this world will pass away and everything in it. So, let me not want anything but Him and His kingdom. 

Read Psalm 23

God is showing me that when we are not content with what we have, then we are in want! Because we are in the world but not of the world. The world has its way, and it is different than the way of the kingdom. Not because God shall not give, but I shall not want. 

Read Philippians 4:4-13

Be wanting for nothing. God will put His prayers, His desires, and what He wants you to ask in your heart. Paul was not speaking about wants, but about us learning to be content in Christ, abased and abounding, in good times and in bad times – all the time! God does not change, only we do. 

God always gives increase to those who do not want and to those who give! There is a reason why God chose Joseph. Because his heart would take him where God wanted to take him. God knows how and what to do. How to promote and how to choose. He knew Joseph would endure the persecution, the lies, the imprisonments, the betrayal, and the jealousy. There was so much favor over him. Jacob, his earthly father, was a clear shadow of our heavenly Father. People seek something that cannot be increased by God because that is what they want. People want to have much to be faithful in the much when they are not faithful in the little! That is the reason many false prophets and soothsayers easily can turn God into a genie in a bottle or a sugar daddy! Too much lust in men’s heart! Unbelievable! I cannot understand how so many fall for this kind of deception and witchcraft. Worldly ambitions led, motivational preachers are calling them into the world and not out of it! 

Read 1 Timothy 6:1-11

The doctrines have been perverted. They have been preaching distorted Word, through a distorted heart, leading many to a distorted path. The doctrine of Christ leads to godliness. Christ is always supposed to be the focus of the Gospel. Earthly ambition creates a false gospel. It does not matter how much you have but how much of Christ you have inside you. God wants to possess us, and He wants us to have Him as His greatest possession. 

Many were in the faith but did not covet after Godly things, and they fell out with God. Money is not evil. The love of it is. When we covet what someone else has, it is called lust of the eyes! When we do not like the calling, the place, or the position we are in, it is called the pride of life! What is driving us is what will really be shown. God wants to reposition us. He wants us to get back on the potter’s wheel. He wants to form His image and His character in us. He is our reward. 

When we are never content, that means the Lord is not our Shepard because we chase other things! He leads me, or we have been convinced to be led by our emotions, our desires, our ambition. If we are being led by all of those, I am in want! He cannot lead me because we are still looking for something else or more to drive us! Our emptiness needs to be filled by Him—nothing else. If we keep trying to fill that void with things, we will never be satisfied. The temptation of satisfaction is a lie from the devil and creates lust in us. 

See, this is a poison of the prosperity-focused Gospel! They say, “I must obtain so I can do!” The Bible never said, “Name it and claim it.” The Bible says, “In HIM is everything you need!” God called that spiritual delusion! We will be bankrupt without Him! When something tangible replaces Him, we must abstain to gain!!! 

The carnal church lives in the state of being in the world and doing kingdom things! The bride lives in the state of being in the kingdom and going into the world! 

Read Matthew 6:24-34

I don’t love money. I use money to advance the kingdom. Money is not evil. What is evil is the hands and that heart that handle money! We must become like little birds. We must lose our worldly sense of fear about tomorrow. God will take care of His people. Take no thought. We just need to be who He created us to be. We are on the top of the creation chain. Just like a knife is not evil. If I put it in a chef’s hand, he creates a masterpiece feast, but if you put it in a killer’s hands, you can imagine what can happen. We cannot mock God. 

What is the big word that always comes before WANT? “I”. 

What God promises to do and give us: He will give us the desires of our hearts! But that is only when His desires become our desires. He put them there. If it is not His desires, what kind of desire do we have within our hearts? Lustful desires. We try to sanctify our lust, but we must ask Him to sanctify our hearts. 

Read Psalm 35:21-28

God has pleasure in our prosperity, the prosperity of His servants. So, we already know that this is His desire, but that will always happen His way, on His terms. He will not prosper us if that make Him lose us. Jesus must be our only desire! Even the doing of ministry or being needed can become one’s identity, but our identity is in Christ! God delights in His servants' prosperity, but when we are in want, we have NOT obtained Him fully! 

If we trust Him! There is a big difference between speaking forth God’s promises rather than our lusts. It is called a perversion. This is a broken cistern, and we will never be satisfied! He said that you ask and don’t have, it is because you ask in lust! 

Poor in Spirit! A bankrupt heart, a poor man that is empty from anything of this world: This is what God called as blessed! That means that we are telling God, “I need more!” If more is Him, than this is the only healthy ambition because it is called hunger! Jesus told us to seek the things of God and not the things of man. What profit will man have if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul? 

Read Matthew 5:1-16 and see what God calls as blessings. 

Read James 1

“I shall not want” means we shall not lust or covet. We must seek His kingdom and His righteousness first. He promises us to give many blessings and in abundance. We must refocus today. Refocus on our Shepherd! Refocus on His desires for us. The only thing that can satisfy us is in Him. We must be made perfect and wanting nothing. Wisdom will cause you to reach heavenly prosperity. Doing the Word of God causes us to reach it as well! 

This must be the desire of our hearts: “GOD, WHAT DO YOU WANT?” This must be our heart cry! Therefore, the cross-less gospel must be dismantled! God is testing us all the time, and we must endure temptation. 

“Father, we want to ask: ‘I want what you want.’ Father, what you want is Your desires that you want to be established. Help us not to feed our minds with the lust of the eyes and the pride of life. Deliver us. We go to the cross. We humble ourselves. Let your kingdom and Your will be done inside of us, around us, and in the nations around the Earth. We trust in Him. The finisher of our faith. We push back all deception. Your Word – let it be our bread. You have promised to prosper us your way. We must look like Christ. Take us back to the image before the fall of man. Breathe upon us, upon what you have established, not division but your vision. In the name of Jesus! We trust in you, our Shepherd! I shall not follow my desires! You will give me the desires that you birth inside of me, my provider, and my comforter. I shall not want, but only what you want, O Lord, my Shepherd!” Shane Roessiger

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