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Here are some doors by which Leviathan comes in our midst: Offense, competition, comparison, jealousy, covetousness, lack of thankfulness, unforgiveness, dissatisfaction, entitlement, victimization, false hope, and self-righteousness. For a prophetic reason, God gave me twelve examples. 

All these are bred in religion and in still dead waters! The beast coming out of the water – the beast will come out of any place where these doors are open. Leviathan will rise out of pride, out of the children of pride! 

In the story of Cain and Abel, we see a truly clear example! In the process of time, Cain and Abel came to bring an offering before God. There was no law yet, but there were a conscience and a heart! God judges the heart before He judges the actions! When Cain saw his brother was received by God, he became wroth and his continence fell and he was jealous. 

Deep down, this story had nothing really to do with Cain’s brother but with his own relationship with God. The devil will use anything to bring division among brethren. Leviathan produces a spirit of murder! Leviathan is the oppressor of love! So, what got broken up with Godaffected his relationship with his brother. 

One thing that I have seen is that usually, when someone becomes rebellious to God and to His Word or ways, Leviathan is present. Either rebellion, unbelief, or some situation causes them to fall out with God. Then it is extremely hard to love the creation (our brothers and sisters) when we turn our hearts from the creator! When we are not in love with the creator, it will be hard to fall in love with the creation (the children of God). We may have a lot of false worldly love but not God's love! We are the image of God. Satan hates God so he hates us. The more we act and look like God, the more he tries to distort us.

So, let’s look at some examples in scripture. We will read them to see clearly how God reacts and how He thinks and what He loves and what He hates! Also, we will go through them so you can see all these men and women in the Bible and so many more that struggled with Leviathan! 

Here they are Absalom started giving in to Leviathan when he wanted to take David’s kingdom thinking he could do a better job! Absalom was looking for negative agreement with others. A house divided cannot stand so that is why Leviathan’s strategies are to divide! He ended up being taken out by a freak accident. Judas – a famous example. We know his end: He ended up hanging himself! Why? Because he opened the door for Leviathan. Leviathan brings betrayal. Cain got cast out of God’s presence and he was tormented. Korah led a revolt against Moses; he died, along with all his co-conspirators, when God caused "the earth to open her mouth and swallow him and all that appertained to them," Numbers 16:31-33. Miriam spoke against Moses! Result: leprosy! She spoke great words filled with venom. Most of the Pharisees, Sadducees, and scribes walked with Leviathan all the time! They plotted the murder of their own savior - the one who could have delivered them! 

Saul – the king - committed suicide! Why? Because he rebelled against God first, then God sent a tormenting spirit on him and later he commits suicide. Before that, Saul used David’s anointing to help him. He came to David asking for help. He called David in secret! 

Let us go deeper into the story of Saul. Let’s read 1 Samuel 16:13-19

An evil spirit sent by the Lord Himself took over him. Leviathan found a place (a person) where he could breed in. Sometimes in God’s mercy, God allows things like this to help us so we can run to God because He wants to clean us all up from any unclean thing. Saul was already anointed, but his kingdom was previously removed from him because of rebellion. He fell out with God, just like Cain fell out with God. Then we fall out with God’s people.

The same person that God had used to set him free was the same person that Saul came against. It was all about him, “me, myself and I.” The same person He used to set him free was the same one he tried to kill! The same person that won Saul so many battles at war was the same one he tried to kill. Jealousy is one of the nastiest things in the body of Christ. Talk about “biting the hand that was trying to feed him.” Saul rebelled to God’s commandments! His pride was always about him looking suitable for the people! Even when Samuel came to see him, he asked Samuel to walk out with him because he wanted to look good in front of people. All pride. What Saul did not want to kill, the prophet of God, Samuel, killed! He did not repent. We see the difference between these two hearts. David later messed up royally, I would say even worse than Saul did. The difference was that David had a repented heart and Saul did not. David was loyal to God; Saul was not! So, we see many stories in the Bible as an example for us.

Leviathan moves in through assumption, accusation, anger, indignation, twisting words phrases or thoughts, entrapment, coarse gesturing, coarse meaning aimed at someone in particular! Like rolling the eyes.

"In that day the Lord with His severe sword, great and strong, Will punish Leviathan the fleeing serpent, Leviathan that twisted serpent; And He will slay the reptile that is in the sea." Isaiah 27:1 

Read Job 41 and understand what this beast really looks like. His teeth are sharp. His stiff neck is strong. His heart is firm as stone. He is the king over all the children of pride. He raises himself up. Should we make an alliance with Leviathan? Should we set a trap or fall into the trap of it? The children of pride are not the children of God at all. 

Here are some more characteristics of the Leviathan Spirit: 

· It wants always to have the last word 

· Condescending attitudes towards others in the body 

· Critical about themselves 

· Independent attitude 

. Cannot be wrong

. Loves to argue

. Lacks mercy

· Self-glory and exaltation 

· Dishonor of authority 

· Desiring to control others and situations in which they are placed 

· Carries a victim mentality that masquerades as false humility 

If it is not aggressive, it will move in passive aggression. It is always being the focus. When in victimization, it drowns you in a sea of sorrow, discontentment, and a victim mindset. They say things like this: “Nobody cares about me”; “I’m always wrong”; “I’m not useful for anything”; “I never do anything right”; “I don’t fit in anywhere.” All of these are contrary to the Word of God, but Leviathan will try to convince you that it is true. LIES! LIES! And more LIES! Depression is its swamp. Pride breeds in the dead water of religion and tradition. 

Self-exaltations occur in reaction to those feelings, then you either isolate or try to prove you are worthy when all along Jesus is saying, “I love you. Repent.” Then you begin to see only what Satan shows you. When as a matter of fact, who we are has to do with whose we are! How can we not talk about this? We must know Leviathan’s strategies and the devil’s schemes. 

It is when you no longer come under the Word and submit to the Bible because Satan has twisted your thinking, and you think you have a right. The only right we have is the right to pick up our cross. This spirit will have Christians saying, “But you don’t know what they did to me,” or, “If you were me, you would understand.” So, they exalt their will above the Word of God, then that’s pride, and then Leviathan ensnares them. 

The cross is our meditation. It does not matter how right we are. We cannot be offended at the accusers of the brethren. How many times do we resist Leviathan? 7 times a day? No, 7 x 70 times a day! Sin is produced through disobedience to God and to the Word. Then next thing we know is that unbelief found a place in us. Then the hook is in. Leviathan now has control of thoughts and the mind and starts to control our emotions. He begins to torment you because what he says is right according to your own thoughts, but it is not according to the Word of God. He came to divide. 

I have seen so many people being taken out because of Leviathan. There is so much misunderstanding when Leviathan is around. Everything becomes about them.Satan is the master of pride. Then you ultimately are unteachable and cannot receive from others, especially the one you are offended at. He moves in families, marriages, and wherever there is a holy alliance. He will try to bring accusations and mental assaults. Then he will isolate us from the body of Christ. That’s when we die in the spirit.

"From whence come wars and fighting’s among you? come they not hence, even of your lusts that war in your members? Ye lust, and have not: ye kill, and desire to have, and cannot obtain.” James 4:1 

An offended heart is a wounded heart. Most people who get attacked by Leviathan are those wounded from the past. Only Jesus, the Word, the blood, knowing the truth, and obeying it can protect us from these doors. 

Thinking we are such a special case – the enemy tries to make us think that way. There is no special case. The Word must be applied by all! Leviathan tries to make us believe that we cannot be changed which is pride, and it is its biggest trick. We shall know the Truth and only the TRUTH can and will set us free! Give no place to Leviathan! Give no place to the devil. Do not take the cup of offense. Kill jealousy and humble yourself. 

Love even those who are jealous of you and who are prideful and take no offense. You will do well. Leviathan will trap you or make you betray one another, even those you once loved so dearly enough to follow or have covenant relations with! Suddenly, you are separated from God and your brethren because the door was open for Leviathan. Nothing can separate you from God’s love, but you can open the door to Leviathan and then give place to the devil! Then we become a bitter person. He perverts, and he twists, making assumptions with no proof. We see this spirit working through the media. That should scare us enough.

“Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.” Proverbs 16:18 

Leviathan takes what someone says and tries to use it against them! It carries the entrapment spirit! Jesus went through entrapment all the time. Somebody who is bound by it keeps a list of wrongdoings done to them so they can justify their own sin, they can justify their unjust action. Here is negative agreement, making Leviathan stronger. When two or three are in agreement with Leviathan, it will be done according to Leviathan’s will. Agreement is powerful so it is better to agree with the Word of God and not with the words of the twisting serpent, the accuser of the brethren.

But we have something! We have more power than anything Leviathan has: It is called the cross! The power over this beast! God was always waiting for a repented heart! Even in the days of old! Now we have full access to God! The Spirit of grace is upon us! 

If your right hand offends cut it off, why? Because that right hand will affect the whole body. Just like gangrene! If your eye offends you, pluck it out! These offenses will infect the entire body and it will become dark. 

Read Matthew 13:20-22, Matthew 24:9-11, and Matthew 5:29-30. 

Offense will be multiplied before Jesus returns. Many shall be offended at many. People who are offended betray one another. Offense brings betrayal. Offense brings murder. Offense brings suicide. Cut off that offense or it will contaminate everything. Look at the end result that an offense brings: death! 

Judas acted like he was for the poor, but he was really for himself! They added because he was a thief! He judged Mary, but Jesus said Mary was right! God exposed his heart! So, Mary’s heart was to bless and anoint the body of Christ! But the religious spirit wants to look righteous, trying to expose Mary, but Mary GAVE UP! It was not that Mary did not care for the poor, but it was because God cared more for His son at that moment! 

Judas's critical heart killed him, ruined his destiny, and made him a tool of Satan! Through what? Through the doors that he opened. We have no authority in the heavenlies if we are walking in the flesh and not in the Spirit. 

Leviathan comes out, murky water! Water represents people in the book of Revelation! So, when we exalt ourselves above others, Leviathan is right there!!! Our ways! Our emotions! Our situations! Our family! Our life! Our problems! Our feelings! Our struggles! We are stirring the waters of pride and attracting and summoning Leviathan our way – out of the waters of pride! It is like a chum.These doors are like chum that attracts Leviathan, just like chum attracts the fish. Leviathan is the father of pride. 

The Word of God tells us to do precisely the opposite in Philippians 2:2-4

We must be one accord and one mind! Unity! We must esteem and be in peace among ourselves. We must be patient towards all men and never, ever pay evil for evil. We do not compare ourselves with others when we have that heart filled with thanksgiving. We must let go of anything that separates us from God and one another. We are saints, but we do not act like saints all the time. That is why we must think of everything that is good, of faith, of good report, not bad. 

We can be from above or from below! When we start to exalt anything above His words, we are stirring the murky dead waters! 

Read Romans 1:28-32 and John 3:3-16. 

We are covenant breakers when we open the door for Leviathan. When we fellowship with Leviathan, we are breaking the covenant. We become unmerciful. 

So, today, let us close and keep these doors shut! This word is our ticket to freedom, to joy, and to the kingdom of God. God is saying, “Let me do it.” Cast your negativity, anything that they did to you, cast your wrongdoing list at His feet. Cast all the traps of Leviathan at His feet. 

We have power over sin. For this reason, God was manifested! You do not have to live in sin, in offense, you just need to go to the cross and nail that offense there. Who is your father? Are you children of pride or of God? 

Are you your brother’s keeper? When Leviathan comes in, you stop being that. The blood of Jesus cries out louder than the blood of Abel. When your heart is not clean, murder is already happening. Offense will take you to that dark place because dark is your heart. 

Leviathan is here to take you out of God's presence, to kill yourselves, to kill your brother. This is what Satan does. We must pass from death to life! We ought to lay down our lives for one another. The power is in humility. Let us keep these doors closed! 

“I slay the door of offense, competition, comparison, jealousy, covetousness, lack of thankfulness, unforgiveness, dissatisfaction, entitlement, victimization, false hope, and self-righteousness! We shut these doors in the name of Jesus. We are the sons of God. We live in heavenly places in you. We cut the scales of Leviathan. We rip out the claws of Leviathan. We are the children of righteousness. We are the head and not the tail. We will not be under the hooks of pride. We go back to that place of joy, peace, and righteousness. We will walk in the love of God, first, we will be in love with Him and then with our brother. Father, help us, not to see any situation greater than Your power and greater than Your cross!” Amen. 

Shane Roessiger

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