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It’s funny how many people want to devalue the ministry of the Holy Spirit. That’s a dangerous place. 


You can be at risk of that unforgivable sin! Many people say, “Oh well, scripture is more important.” Or they try to say look to Jesus more. Yet they don’t understand the oneness of the being of God. This is the trinity. The Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. The threefold being. 

Man is also a threefold being. Body, soul, and spirit. The body being the outer part, the spirit being the inner part, and the soul being the core, the central part of man’s being. Man was made in the likeness of God. Is a man’s body a separate being from his own spirit? No. Is a man’s soul separate from either his spirit or body? No. They are a different part and play different roles in a sense in each realm. Yet they are all one! So in the outlook of how man’s body is made, we see the mystery of God.

This is the same as God: Jesus being the body, the flesh of God; the Holy Spirit, the inner being of God; and the Father, the meat and potatoes of the being of God. The authority and the head. The core and central part. The soul of the being called God. Three different parts, yet the same being. Not three different people, all one. And Jesus said, “Just as me and my father are one.”

Jesus was called the son of God, yet He was called God, Lord, and savior. He was the first baby to be birthed by God and a woman without a man. Man didn’t produce that egg. God divinely did it, making Him God’s first son. Yet it was really Himself, yet a smaller version of Himself. 

In another sense, He was God but He was also the son because He was the spitting example of the image of God. He was the son because He was the first human to walk like the Father. His mind, heart, and body  were the first to resemble that of the Father’s. Yet every time Jesus spoke about the Father, He was actually talking about himself because deep down He was the almighty, only in a human body. His body itself was not the Father, but Jesus’ body was the body the Father decided to dwell in through the Spirit. 

People say, we need to treat the Holy Spirit as a person. That’s true! Why? Because that person IS GOD! It’s not a separate person from God. It is God’s inner being. How beautiful it is that God is entrusting His bride with the most inner chamber of Himself. That’s what makes the outpouring of the Spirit so EPIC! It is that God didn’t just release Himself, He released the deepest part of Himself, His Spirit. 

This message will cause outrage to people who are carnally minded. Yet to the spiritual it will make sense and bring clarity to the mystery of God. We’re not talking about the mysteries of God. There are other mysteries concerning how He does things. Though we’re talking about the mystery of the being Himself that religion can’t see! 

It’s a mystery because it can only be revealed by revelation from heaven. Many always say, “Oh, the Holy Spirit is just something God uses. He’s just a tool, a helper.” Even though those things are truth, it’s only half-truth sold by religion. He’s got more than the title of helper and “tool of God.” Here’s some of His titles pulled directly from the Bible. 

  • The Breath of the Almighty

  • The Comforter

  • The Helper 

  • The Advocate

  • The Guide 

  • The Eternal Spirit

  • God

  • Holy Spirit

  • Power of the Highest

  • Spirit of the Lord God

  • Spirit of the Lord

  • Spirit of God

  • Spirit of the Father

  • Spirit of Christ

  • Spirit of the Son

  • Spirit of life

  • Spirit of grace

  • Spirit of prophecy

  • Spirit of adoption

  • Spirit of wisdom

  • Spirit of counsel

  • Spirit of might

  • Spirit of understanding

  • Spirit of knowledge

  • Spirit of the fear of the Lord

  • Spirit of truth

  • Spirit of holiness

  • Spirit of revelation

  • Spirit of judgment

  • Spirit of burning

  • Spirit of glory 

The list goes on. These were some that were pulled from scripture and that’s not even all of them. And why does He have all these endless titles and references made about Him? BECAUSE HE’S GOD!!!!!!!! And there is no separation. 

If this message has angered you so far, then it’s time to reevaluate your walk in the faith. If this excites you, then you’re on the right track. 

You see many get angered about this because they have come up with their own version of what the scriptures say. If they have come up with their own version, then that means they have come up with their own version of God. 

In a deeper sense, they are actually worshipping their own God, worshipping a creation of God that they came up with or that the devil showed them in their own mind. This is why these people, just like the Pharisees, are very high on pride, because THEY HAVE COME UP WITH their OWN God. When man creates, he takes pride in. When God created, He took pride in His work. He looked at it and saw that it was good.

He’s the only being that deserves to have pride. Why? Because He’s the highest. When we have pride, we are looking at ourselves as the highest. Meanwhile, He will always be the highest no matter how great you are. The proud will be humbled. Yet the humble will be exalted and know the mysteries of God. 

It’s funny how people separate the Holy Spirit from Jesus. Meanwhile, He was one of the most reliant persons ever to rely on that same Spirit. What did the Pharisees say? “He has a demon in Him.” That religious spirit, Satan, has been after the Holy Spirit since the beginning of time. He knows that spirit is the innermost being of God and it has all power over anything and everything. 

So the devil will do anything He can to make sure the Spirit of God loses His validation and value in the minds of man. God doesn’t need to be validated, yet He wants us to know Him. 

Funny thing is religious people today talk about resurrection power all the time and sing about it. Yet resurrection power is the Holy Spirit. He’s the power that we’re speaking of. He’s the one we’re exalting when we talk about that. He raised Christ from the dead. 

So why is He so underrated in religion today? Because that’s the devil’s goal, to keep the Holy Spirit out of the church as much as possible. Fool them, trick them to worship God without the Spirit. Trick them to worship the truth, to walk in truth without the Spirit. Impossible. The Spirit is Truth. The Bible says, “That they would worship me in Spirit AND Truth.” Not truth alone, but with the Spirit. Really, without that spirit, you will have truth but not really because it will never be in context. 

It will always be in the context of how your carnal mind sees it. Yet never from God’s perspective or heart. How can you have God’s perspective or heart unless His Spirit reveals. If you don’t, you are blind. Other than that you just have a book filled with paper and your best guesses. Always guessing but never knowing. 

Always speculating and learning, yet never coming to the knowledge of the Truth. Never actually understanding and actually having that deep assurance of what is true. This is the mystery of God, and it is a mystery to those who don’t know Him: but He tells His secrets to His friends, to those who know Him, to me and you. If that’s you today, rejoice. 

Rejoice that the most threatening spirit in the church, religion, is void in your life. And now you can fellowship and worship God with no restrictions because His Spirit is within you and the mystery is revealed. 

By: Joe Pinto


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