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Who wrote the book? Most people will say: man did. But God authorized the man to write the Word – but many are writing about the Bible. Why? Hmmm. This is the ultimate book. Jesus walked out the book. All the books written by men should be pointing to one book: the Bible. Jesus was the living book. We are called us to be little books birthed out of the big book: the Bible. Now the Word has to become flesh in us. Jesus Christ is the first fruit among many – living epistles – oracles of God. You see this in the book of Peter!

Joshua 1:8 says that this book should not depart out of our mouth – His word should come out of our mouth. Even after the fall of man, people were told to follow the Book. So many write books but how many books are inspired by the Holy Spirit? Psalms 45:1-3 speaks about being a ready writer. We must be like a tongue of a pen of a ready writer! A writer being inspired by Him! The Bible shows the fall of mankind through the first Adam. The Bible shows the redemption of men through the last Adam – Jesus Christ. The devil manipulated them and they gave him their authority in the garden. Because of one man’s disobedience, we all fell – but because of the obedience of one man, we all were redeemed, those who have repented and become born again. God took that authority back and gave it back to us.

Luke 19:9-10 says that the son of man came to seek and to save what was lost. Souls were not the only thing that was lost – the authority was lost! The dominion was lost! Adam had dominion over everything until they disobeyed God because man gave authority to the devil. God still has ultimate authority but mankind lost it. Jesus came to seek and save that authority that was lost and give back to HIS CHURCH that same authority. Jesus came and took the keys of hell, death, and the grave...He gave us the authority back!! Authority: we have it, why don’t we use it?

This is the problem with religiosity. They think: “Jesus saves us. Let us wait for heaven.” Many churches are being misled by emotion and are powerless. Jesus brought the kingdom. He came and gave us back the same authority. Why do we lose our authority? Because we sin. Satan tried to make Him (Jesus) sin and in that he would not have been able to take the authority back. Jesus came from heaven not through sin but by the spirit of God – so pure. All that was stolen in the garden, Jesus gave back to us WHEN HE WON ON THE CROSS. Jesus never sinned on earth. His authority was never taken away. Satan will try to convince you of the opposite. But He gave His church the power and the authority. Our problem never was the source but our belief. We don't believe that we have that authority back so then we never use it.

See, the devil wants you to sin so you do not feel you have authority. Our problem is never Him but us. Jesus had to find out who He was. For 30 years He saw Himself in the pages, and His mother and father told Him who He was, THE HOLY SPIRIT IN HIM TOLD HIM, and the word and HIS relationship with the Father. God raised Him up, but He did not let Him walk in that authority until it was time. The Holy Spirit was always bearing witness with Him. People talk about identity as sons and daughters, but they always forget about authority. People say, “But that was Jesus Christ.” But I say, “Are we in Him?” Is our faith based in works or Him? Look at you and it will make our authority weak. The authority is in Him, not in you. Faith without authority is dead! Jesus was not on the cross yet but he gave the disciples power in His name – authority in His name!

Matthew 6:19 says the keys of the kingdom of heaven were given to us. HE SAID whatsoever we bind on earth shall be bound in heaven!! Come on!! This is for us! We are seated with Christ in heavenly places. We became more sin conscious instead of righteousness conscious and because of that the kingdom never advances. We need to be kingdom minded like in the garden. JESUS IS MY COVER! In Revelation 1:17-19, it shows us that Jesus has the keys of hell and death. Keys mean authority (apostolic). Everybody should be apostolic and have authority. We are not all called to be apostles but are called to be apostolic, to be like HIM! – Dominion based authority. Why are we not? Why don’t we cast down anything that comes against that mindset? As God gave David the kingdom on the Earth, in the natural, he used bows, sling shots, and chariots as weapons. Now we take the kingdom by authority. Revelation 2 and 3 exposes the condition of the churches. What type of church are we? Where are we at right now? David could not take the kingdom of the devil away but we can. Isaiah 22:21-23: He will clothe us with His robe – a crown – a sign of authority. He will carry his government. The key of the house of David now is ours. His government is upon His shoulder. He opens doors and none can shut. – He shuts doors and none can open.

Religious people ask God to do everything. And Jesus Christ said, “It is finished.” Prayer does not mean to beg God but to be in step with God. Prayer is for our relationship. Prayer chains will never be enough. We must use our authority. The Bible says, “Pray for the sick,” so pray and move on! A prayer chain, sometimes we want everybody to know what is happening – so we can have pity. So don't ask for prayer when you want pity. We have authority! You are a son and you are daughter. So God is saying: “Cast demons out.” People may say: “Who do you think you are?” Tell them: A man of authority! There is one common enemy which is the devil. Jesus took the keys away from Satan’s hand and gave to us. We are the blood-bought, full of authority. We must know what we have before we take it.

In Revelation 3:7, it says that He has the key of David! We have that! Christ has it! We are in Him! We have more than His name! We have Him! And Revelation 20:1 says that an angel has the key of the bottomless pit and a great chain around him. Jesus Christ came with the key and He took off the chain! In Matthew 16:15-19, it says, “Who do I say that I am?” Jesus Christ asked that and Peter answered, “You are the Christ, the son of the living God!” Dominion and authority. Flesh and blood can’t reveal who you are. You have to know who He is before you know who you are. You have to know what He has before you know what you have. The gates of hell will not prevail against us, His church. Why is this not happening? Not because they don’t have authority. They are not taking it! Who do you think you are? Nothing, BUT HE IS. What do you think you have? Nothing. But I am in Him and I have everything. He gave us His authority!

The authority of the name and the authority of the person! We have the license from heaven to do what He wants us to. By the power invested in me, I pronounce you “loosed!” By the power invested in me from the CROSS and heaven, I bind and loose! Before He did everything but now we need to do our part. We must believe and receive and take back what is ours. Two shall become one. Jesus sealed the deal on the cross through the blood covenant. We are not talking about man and woman but Christ and the church. The woman takes on the husband’s name. When you take someone’s name, you take this person’s authority. The covenant comes at the cross. The marriage chamber is sealed by the blood - His blood.

So many doctrines are binding instead of loosing the church to be and to become sons of God. We have authority to stop the devil from robbing and stealing from us, but people say, “Just love.” Take dominion. Walk it out. Clean up the streets. Before the cross, they were using His name, but after the cross, we have His name! Many churches became a “sanctuary city” for the devil. “Just come to the sanctuary city, and we are not going to enforce the law!” We want what we want. In the spiritual real, it is the same. The devil breaks the law and we don’t do anything about it. Many now are acting by hyper-faith. Hyper-faith has been used for prosperity for their own gain but not to advance the kingdom. The devil can see if you really believe.

Jesus knew who He was. Many saw Him as someone different. It always has been about faith in what Jesus did and in who He is. Don’t be jacked up on identity. “I know who I am; I know what I just did; I can’t do that.” Many are saying that because they don’t know their authority. It has always been about you in Him, not you alone.

If you look at your weakness, you will start doubting your authority. Find the strategies of the devil and beat him at his game. You have his playbook, YOUR LIFE! He has no new tricks. You should know when he is making a move. We have our playbook – it is the Bible. God is giving you authority and strategies. The devil is behind everything flesh and blood, but we don't fight flesh and blood. The devil uses anything to stop you from using your authority. But the less he will be able to do if you know who you are and what you have.

Mark 1:21-23 says that people were astonished at His doctrine – because He taught them as one with authority! Who are you in the identity of the pages? What is the sense of teaching about authority when you don’t use it? You can go to classes all your life and learn how to use a gun; then the thief comes in the house. He steals your gun and says give it to me. You should have pulled out the gun and told him to get down and wait for the police. If he has one and tries to shoot you, do it first (a parable: do not shoot anyone lol). What is the point if when Jesus comes back you are not doing it? Power and demonstration of the kingdom! To know our identity is to know our authority! He wants you to take dominion! To work with you! Two shall become one! The body of Christ working together!

In Matthew 21, Jesus Christ commanded us: Heal the sick! Preach the kingdom of God which has come unto you! Prove it! Hear Him, pure sound doctrine! In Mark, He had not gone to the cross but He told them to go and to use their authority! These signs shall follow all of them that believe! Even the devils are subjected unto His name! Use the authority! Take up on His name! A lot of people didn’t even know Him and were using His name and Jesus said it was okay! That was powerful! How much more powerful is it now for us who are one with His name and HIM! 

Behold, He gave us power, authority! Rejoice that you are the kingdom of heaven, manifesting down here because of your authority! I am rejoicing because I am one with Jesus – taking dominion and authority! Some people were rejoicing for their works but their names are not written in the book of life. We are one with the Father and one with the Son.

Rejoice for what He did and not what we do – His name. His name would have been worthless if He had not died. If Satan had known that Jesus being crucified would bring the kingdom of God, he would never have crucified Him. We give Satan too much power and authority. His authority is one of the fruits we should be bearing if we are one with him. If Satan is divided against Satan, how can his kingdom stand? But if by the finger of God I cast out demons then you know it’s the kingdom. KING’S DOMAIN means authority! We have the authority to stop the devil. Put His garment on and people will see that you are a man of authority just like Jesus Christ. If I have no authority, I have no kingdom. Be Christ-like people! DNA from heaven – power from heaven – taking dominion. Your church will not be a sanctuary city but a place where the gates of hell cannot prevail.
Shane Roessiger



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