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In Philippians 4, it tells us to rejoice in the Lord. If we are not rejoicing in Him, something is wrong. Be careful (anxious) for nothing.  By supplications make your request to God and rest in His faithfulness. When we are anxious, we are not in faith. If we are not in faith, we are trusting in something else. Let the peace of God, not the peace of the world, but the peace of God surpasses all understanding. Only Jesus Christ gives us that kind of peace. If we don’t think on what is good, of any virtue, of good report, on faith, we will start to be anxious about everything. Peace of the World comes from your surroundings. Like the weather, it always changes because it is not stable. Neither is life. It always has its ups and downs. We must be in His peace.

Most of the people that have anxiety have a problem resting in God. The problem is not the devil but you. You can’t cast you out of you. You need to deal with your own self and enter into His rest. I believe this comes from priority and focus. He set the table right in front our enemies. The enemies will always be present: doubt, unbelief, fear, pain. If we are focusing on something else, we won’t be able to avoid anxiety. When we begin to eat from another table, we start to be anxious. Cast all of your anxieties upon Him because He cares for you and about you. Jesus is right in front of you. Don’t look to the left or right. We are always surrounded by lies but the table of Truth is Jesus. Anxiety comes from worry, worry comes from fear, and fear is from the devil.

Don’t be anxious about your own test. If you already have the answer for the test, you won’t be worried. If you are going to take a test and may not know whether you will pass, you may be very anxious, but if you knew it was an open book test and all the answers were there and were marked out, you would not even be worried. Well, we have the Bible and all hope, all the truth, and all the answers are right there. So fear not! This life is just a vapor. We must get our eyes, hearts, and minds on Jesus. He is eternal life and peace. If you only trust on the end, you won’t be anxious. Don’t rest on your own strength or that will bring fear upon you. Anxiety comes from fear and fear comes from the devil. God is anxious for nothing. Mount Zion can’t be moved. Be like Mount Zion. Because the devil can’t move a mountain.

Read 1 Peter 5:1-10.

Many people have faith in the middle of somebody else’s storm. Do you have faith when the storm comes and hits you? God always gives grace to the humble. An anxious person can’t be humble. They keep worrying about the next day. Your faith is never tested when it is for something or someone else that does not affect your life and faith. Everyone has super faith for someone else because there are no consequences for them. But it is not easy when it is you that the devil is tormenting with fear.

Don’t get your eyes off Jesus. If you get your eyes on you, you will be so anxious. We know when we listen to the devil. We will be shaken. So that’s why we cast every evil report and lie that exalts itself above what is truth in Jesus.

Never put our faith in our own ability. If we put our faith on the outcome that He told us about then we have confidence. If you are seeking what the enemy is showing you and saying, you will manifest anxiety. Fear is the fruit and the power of the kingdom of Satan. Faith is the fruit and the power of the kingdom of God. You can be a child of God and live like a child of the World when we listen to voices that do not hold Truth or the Word of God.

When Peter started listening to the words of somebody else, those words became his enemies. Somebody else on the boat was saying something different and anxiety hit him. Life brings distractions. We must face them without losing sight of Jesus Christ. Jesus said to Peter, after he asked if was Him, “Come.” Then Peter started walking on water. Then can you hear the voices on the boat (in your head or thoughts), “Look at him!”; “Who does he think he is?”; “Peter what are you doing out there?” So on and on. We have voices all around but the only Voice that matters has His name – the Word of God!

Due time is the right time according to God. We must cast everything that causes us to be heavy upon Him. Troubles and persecution are inevitable. He said, “Trust Me”. This will help you if you cast your cares upon Him. Are you listening to His voice or somebody else's voice? Look at the fruit. Are you in peace or anxious? No matter what the trial, only God has the last words. Only Jesus has the words of life. Let it be settled in you that, “He loves me and my life is in His hands. No matter what, He cares for me. He is the author and finisher of my faith.”

Satan can’t devour anyone that does not allow him. The Bible says that he is looking for someone that he may devour, not to devour whoever he wants but whoever lets him, whoever listens to him, or gets their eyes off Jesus. Don’t be devoured by him. If you begin to listen to him, more torment will come from fear. If you believe in a lie in your thoughts, there is an open door.

God will settle you. He does not want you to be unstable. We must be increasing all the time. Lack of nothing! What is the problem? You. We can’t cast you out of you. Are you trusting the Lord or chariots and horses? If you know that He loves you, you know that He cares for you.

He is making us perfect and He is establishing us. We can’t go from faith to fear any longer.

Read Matthew 8:22-27. Jesus was sleeping on the boat. Jesus did not care what the storm was doing. He knew His purpose. He saw his destiny and nothing could shake Him. He knew that He was going to the cross. He was anxious for nothing! We have two choices: take authority or be anxious! Ignore all the thoughts that come from fear.

Some people keep saying God is sovereign forgetting that He gave us choice. From the beginning of life, there were choices. There were choices that made all mankind fall. There are choices that will make all men come back to the Father. Choose today! God is trying to draw everybody back to His kingdom of joy, peace, and righteousness. No matter what the report, all we can do is stand. 

Read 1 John 1.

As He is so should we be. If He is not anxious, why are we? There is no fear in love. Fear has torment. If we are in fear, we are not perfected in His love. If we are in fear, we are filled with anxiety. If we are not hidden in His love, fear and anxiety have us. Be made perfect in His love. Have faith in His love. Dwell  in His love and there will be no place for anxiety. Let His love be your focus. WE are predestined to be conformed into His image. Perfect love casts fear out. He is setting the table of love. Sit and dine in Him. Get your eyes back on Him, the One seated in the heavenly places. Get set in your heart. He knows, He cares, and He is for me no matter what the outcome will be. He already knows it. What He wants me to know He will tell me. But we know He has already told us in His word.

We set our eyes on Jesus Christ. If we have missed the mark, He is not giving up on us. Whether we mess up or not. If my eyes are on Him, there is no way to be anxious. We are born from above. Let Truth and faith arise. We shall fear no evil. Goodness and mercy always follow me and are always present. If we turn away from Him, fear is there. Dine with Jesus Christ. Eat His Word. Drink His blood. And you will be anxious for nothing! As He is should we be in this World!

We have no power but the power of the cross! The cross is where my worry ends. My inheritance is peace, joy, and righteousness. If He is the king of peace, why don’t we live in His kingdom?

Father, I ask you to forgive me for putting my eyes on myself or on man or on the counsel of the ungodly. My eyes are back on you, Father, the author and finisher of my Faith! For you have not given me the spirit of bondage to fear or to worry, but of love, peace, and a sound mind. In Jesus name!   

Shane Roessiger 


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