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Prophecy from 2016:

My son, speak my words to the churches of the whole earth, speak these words to the last generation. There will be one last great awakening. The prophets in the land speak saying, “Go store up your food or store up your riches, the flood is coming! The Lord is returning soon!” Sooner than you think, but the Lord of Hosts speaks against the dull prophets saying your soon is not my soon and your words are not my words. I speak as the God of Wrath. The God who knows all things, and I say to the false prophet, I will not return in the way that you think. My soon is not your soon, I am the Lord. The time of testing shall not come until my church has manifested Jesus. Until it has manifested Jesus Christ to the whole world. This is the second coming, this is the second coming of my son to the world, but to the church, it is my first. You false prophets do not know that I shall not return until I have returned to my people's hearts again. The day that my bride becomes one with me in the flesh is the day that shall birth thine tribulation. The kings of the earth shall rage against my sons and they will touch my anointed. Any man that touches my anointed will be destroyed, and just as they killed me on the cross and there was a great earthquake, there shall be another one when they kill my sons again. Yet this time it shall destroy the world, it shall cause the earth to explode as a volcano. The wind shall sway the earth and then I shall take up my refined bride and the world will live knowing that they have come against a loving God. I shall not come back until my son’s come back. When they do, tell the wicked to run to the hills. Tell the sinner to sin one last time, because the great and terrible day of the Lord is now and near and as near as they claim.

The Lord was showing me visions when He gave me this word. We have a lot of prophets going up saying store up. People getting ready for the tribulation, they think the rapture is going to happen before it. They say everything has happened. A lot of people say, “Oh, everything's happened already. There's not going to be anything else. God can turn up and come up at any second.”

Well, I tell you right now, Beloved, God will not come back until He comes back into the hearts of His people. God will not come back until the Church of Jesus Christ rises up and manifests the Kingdom of God. Rises up and truly, I'm talking truly, manifests Jesus Christ in flesh. There are manifestations happening all the time, but we’re talking about the fullness!

I'm telling you, there's a Great Awakening like nobody has ever seen. There’s one last one, and because of this great awakening, because of these Sons of God that go around the world and they flip it upside down, the kings of the earth will be very angry, and they'll come against the anointed men and women of God, and this is what's going to bring the mass persecution of Christians around the whole earth. This is what's going to flip the whole world upside down, and then the minute that they go to touch God's anointed, that's when God is going to release wrath on the earth. 

There are so many hints, so many spiritual symbolic things that show that the church of Jesus Christ has to manifest. That the church has to come into full fruition before this happens, before Jesus Christ comes back. When the church comes into its full fruition and they start killing people, I mean really start killing Christians. They are killing Christians now in some parts of the world, but I’m talking about worldwide. It's going to be all over the place, I'm talking about every single person is going to hate Christians. The religious are going to come against the Christians and turn them over to the killers. People that say they love Jesus, they're going to come against the real remnant, they're going to come against the real lovers of Christ, and this is the time. This is when the church will manifest Jesus Christ and it brings wrath. This is when Christ will really come back.

So when you see the next thing, you should be expecting new prophets to arise that will be proclaiming the Sons of God to return to manifest on the earth. The world is waiting for them to manifest, for the church to manifest Jesus Christ into His full fruition, and then you be ready for the wrath. That's when the tribulation will arrive. 

Until that day, we won't see it. Maybe it's going to manifest in the tribulation, but I'm telling you right now, the Lord is not coming back until the Lord comes back in the hearts of His people. This is something that the church doesn't know about. They don't know about a thing. All they know about is what the false prophets are saying out there and so they are living in fear. They live in and out having no hope, and all they are waiting for is terror to come on the earth and a word about storing up and gathering supplies and buying tents. 

Though I'm telling you, God keeps His people. I'm not talking about keeping his people from the tribulation. I'm talking about in the midst of tribulation, even when the angel of death came into Egypt and God still protected his people. They put the blood on the doors that represented the blood of Jesus, and the ones that are covered with the blood of Jesus are the ones that had the seal of God. The seal of God! - Anything not from God could harm them. Not the angel of death, not darkness, not fire, not brimstone, nothing. 

Like Revelation says, they will be kept in that hour. They will not be able to be touched, now many Christians are going to die because of the wrath of the Kings, because of the anointing, because they hate you, and because the anointing that comes on the earth is going to destroy principalities. This is why the kings will rage against the anointed.

And just like Jesus told His killers, “You could have no power at all against Me unless it had been given to you from my father.” It won’t be just because they wanted to kill, but to fulfill prophecy! 

On the contrary, there's going to be people that God keeps. There’s going to be certain people that are appointed to slaughter. Blessed are those that are killed for Jesus’ sake. Yet there's going to be a people that get caught up with Jesus Christ that are kept until the very end. And all are delivered up according to His purpose. 

Nevertheless, this is all about the bride. This is all about His church. This is all about the Sons of God! God is moving heaven and earth for them. Constructing and deconstructing things in their favor. And nothing will go down until their full revealing takes the world captive. They are going to shake nations, cities, and rulers! The Elijah Fire sons that are going to bring the sons to the Father and the Father back to the sons. This is their ultimate goal, get ready. The time is now.

 By Joe Pinto


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