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The Religious Church will talk about sin, but they will never talk about the REAL sins! 

Sure, they speak against drugs, stealing, sexual sin, murder, gossip, and so on. Those are all sins done with the outward man, sins that are committed with the body. Those are all bad! But the sin that they are not talking about is the pride of this life! The coveting of things! The cares of this life! The love of traditions and religion! 

Love of being seen by man and pleasing man over God! Idolizing things and people! The love for principles and rudiments of this World. The funny thing is those outward problems that we are worried about are rooted in the real inward sins of our hearts and minds. Sometimes we even do those outward things because of inwards wounds, though religion never wants to plow the heart.

And why is religion never talking about these sins? 

Because all of them fall into the category of those sins! They are living by a morality that would be acceptable on the outward to carnal Christians of society. Though are not acceptable to God. The cup is not washed on the inward before God! 

They all covet their own dreams, their own will, their own ministry, and their own vision, and they feel justified because they don’t do those outward acts. Deception! Wow, even the enemy can use our deliverance as a deceptive tactic, thinking that just because we don’t drink or smoke anymore that we are totally free from Satan’s kingdom now. Yet you have barely scratched the surface of freedom! 

And we think we’re Sons of God just because our act is clean but our heart is still stone! People that are bound with a religious spirit are more in darkness than alcoholics and drug lords. 

Just like the Pharisees, they would say, “I don’t steal, I don’t drink, I don’t fornicate. God, I’m a good person...”

And Jesus says turn away from me!!!!

Because you have righteousness that is of the Law and not the righteousness that is of the Spirit which doesn’t only clean you on the outside, but especially on the inside! And because you say you see, you will remain blind!

It’s time for us to get real. Jesus preached to sinners because they were sinning and not hiding it. At least they were sinning and not trying to act godly. So Jesus saw an opportunity to take people who don’t proclaim to see or be godly, that He would show them the real way and that they would see it and be free!

Religion only scratches the surface but never goes deep. We like to kill those outward things but never like to kill the bigger foxes like our own dreams and desires. Our own dreams and desires will abort the destiny of God in our life. We like to stop watching pornography, but we still do our own will. Stop drinking, yet still a brood of vipers. 

Our own will is the biggest sin in the book! 

What are the most important commandments? 

  1. Thou shall love God with all thy heart, mind, and soul. 

  2. Thou shall love thy neighbor as thyself.

Our own will goes against the two best commandments. Our flesh doesn’t want to serve God. Our flesh doesn’t want to help others, and usually, when it does want to do those things godly, it’s with a hidden agenda. And when we live for our own will and way, we start to come against those commandments indirectly and directly. Knowingly or unknowingly.

So sure, you stopped drinking, yea, you don’t smoke anymore, yea, you don’t sleep around anymore, but you’re still not living for God truly! Many religious people stop doing those things, and all of a sudden, they think they are perfect! But God says, “I don’t even know you!”

Cool, you stopped doing those things but the whole point of my Son dying was so that the sons could return to their father and the father to sons. It was all about us becoming one again. About restoring the garden again! Not about only cleaning yourself up. Many drug addicts can clean themselves up and still go to hell because they never believed in the son of God. 

If salvation was by works of the flesh then religious doctrines like this would be correct. Though the Bible says by Grace we are saved. What does that mean? By the work of God! And not just the work of God on the cross, but the work of God in our inward parts. That we would no longer be able to have pride in what we did or do but by faith in Christ! 

That’s what this is all about - faith and reliance solely upon Christ! God didn’t deliver you to just be delivered. He delivered you to serve Him and live for Him the rest of your days. And most importantly to know Him. So, God, don’t just clean up my act, clean up my heart! Clean my mind! Give me your will and help me to do it! Your will is what this is all for.

The real sin of our inward desires and lusts for our own lives are the real foxes that spoil the vine. They keep us from knowing Him, serving Him, and having faith in Him: because we’re too busy serving ourselves and our own affairs. 

“For all that is in the world the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life is not of the Father but is of the world.” 1 John 2:16

These are the things that are destroying us! Destroying the people of God and the devil has deceived many through their own deliverance and testimony. If the devil can use your deliverance and testimony to keep you from growing, it’s a plus for him. If he can let 50% progression happen in your walk but keep you from the rest, he is satisfied. And you’re stuck in that one day you got set free but never remembering that deliverance is ongoing. Dying to yourself is ongoing. 

If you glory over a few dead body parts and not over the whole killing of your flesh, you have been fooled. Many today are people fooled, rejoicing over the victories of the past but never having victory now. It’s time to stop only killing the sin that offends people and now kill the sin that offends God. It’s time to go deep. It’s time to kill sin at its roots.

By Joe Pinto 


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