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Salvation did not start with you and a prayer! It started at the altar at the feet of Christ with repentance. Jesus said out of your belly shall flow rivers of living water. What are we really giving out? Is it from the living well? Jesus said man cannot, shall not, and will not live by bread alone but by every word that flows, proceeds (FLOWS) OUT!

If you drink of Jacob’s water, the Jews’ water, religion’s water, tradition’s water, then you will have to do it again tomorrow. BUT in the Spirit, you will not be satisfied. You will know what you shall do but only by being led by the Spirit of the living God, by the Living Water! We are to have the wells of salvation in us. Jesus Christ was that well. Now He is in us. If the world would know, they would ask for that living water. That well is in Him, in you, in me, in the Body of Christ! Living water to those that are thirsty!

Wells of man, wells of tradition... she says in her heart, “This man is telling me something I have never heard before! This can only come from Jesus (Holy Spirit) in us. He is alive.”

How many people need help from you? For this or for that. They want lots of things but how many are coming to you because they want what’s inside of you! Jesus said to her, “Before I give it to you, you can’t live like you are living.” This water is only for all those who believe they need a savior, who believe they need to repent! Nothing really satisfies so they have sin inside of them. Do you want this? Go call your husband. Are we ready to be transparent and be open to Him? Grace was sitting there waiting to pour out unto her! The woman answered I have no husband. She came to the well that day because God knew she was ready. Then Jesus said, you have had five husbands and the one you are with is not your husband. Boom! Talk about a Mack truck broad siding her! But we know the Holy Spirit led Jesus there. He was there for her. God was on it. The gifts were flowing and she did resist the power. She did not try to make excuses for all of her life’s failures. Jesus was saying to her: “I am going to make you my temple. I am going to make you my well!”

God wants to make you a living temple of God where the gates of hell will not prevail. He calls you a royal priesthood! You are called a minister of reconciliation.

Yes, Woman, you worship every week but you don’t know what you are doing or why you are doing it! You are more than a daughter or son of Abraham! You will be transformed from this place and reborn into this. Now what was dead must come alive. You will become born again, from heaven, born from above!

God is asking you! Do you want revival in your life? He is spirit and you cannot hide anything by the Spirit. The Spirit of God is inside of you and no longer upon you and around you when you repent and worship in Spirit and in Truth.

God is Spirit. Those that worship must worship, must do it in Spirit and Truth, in honesty, clarity, and transparency... Oh, the truth you are drinking. Truth, life, and relationship to be real and free.

Jesus says I am He! The one who brings my Spirit to be on you, around you, and in you. She left the water pot and RAN to the people she loved with the Fire of God! She began talking about Messiah all the time! She left her guilt, her shame, and her condemnation. One encounter with the King and she had all boldness to preach the Truth. What are you ready to leave at the old well? How about religion, tradition, and works of the flesh?

That woman didn’t just hear about Him, she heard from Him!! She encountered His word is power - His word is living. His word wants you to be alive. Do you want to come alive? Are you ready for people to follow you to the living well because they see something real inside of you? This is salvation! Not a prayer, not a denomination, not a tradition. It’s a transformation.

The woman knew that she had met the one that everyone was talking about. God did not go to the proud. He went to the simple. Those that worship Him must do it in this manner!

He said I have meat that you do not know of. That meat is not “carne (livestock)” but to do the will of the Father. He is spirit! So you must be drinking from the well that never runs dry. If you want to drink from that river today; whatever you came with, the heavy pot, the frustration, the weariness…The well is the altar His feet!

Everybody say it: “Jesus, give me, give me this living water. I am thirsty! I am tired! I want to be refreshed! I want fire! Give me! I want it! I need it!” Jesus, my salvation and my Truth. Shane W Roessiger

Word: John 4:1-25

Watch the full message: https://youtu.be/cQbhLssPlJE

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