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We are not called to be conformed to this World but to be transformed out of it. But how? By the renewing of our minds. We all have the same measure of faith to be changed according to His image. It is your and my choice. Renewing your mind from what? The worldly carnal thinking. The spirit of our mind must be renewed! He wants us to meditate, to think, and to act like Him. We must set our affections and desires on things above. We must put off the old man and his deeds and put on the new man which is renewed into His image. We can’t ever be renewed without the Word, without being washed by it. Our thinking must be the thinking of Christ. We have been baptized into this World for so long. Many do not want to be washed and renewed but to not want it is to rebel.

There are only two minds: the mind of the World or the mind of Christ. Only the Word takes the World out of us. How He takes us out of the World is by taking the World out of us. For us to be really a living sacrifice, the World cannot find a place in us. He brought His disciples out of the World but they were not out of the World literally. That was the only way for them to reach the World: when the World was not in them anymore. So, for many years, Jesus Christ was preaching/renewing their minds until the outpouring of the Spirit that came and is finishing that work. This process is a must. We were in the darkness. Dark cannot change. The dark you put together will always remain dark.

The disciples were in the World, but the World was not in them to the extent of who and what they were following and doing. Preach the Gospel unto every creature. Baptize them in Him. Take up serpents – Take up demonic doctrines and throw them all out from among you. Cast out demons. They that came out of the World were sent back into the World full of power and authority, the Lord working with them and signs and wonders following them. The Holy Spirit worked with all of them who believed. But they were not OF the World. They came out of IT and got into HIM. You cannot go into anything you already are part of and submerged in. You must be out of it. When Jesus mentioned the “World,” He was not talking about Earth because He had not left it. He was speaking about coming out of the (World), meaning the spirit of the age, the antichrist spirit, the spirit of the World.

Love not the World, neither the things OF THE WORLD. Or the love of God is not in you! The only way for you to be spiritually minded is to be connected to Him. But you can’t be connected to two masters. You must despise the World and cling to Him. Jesus never said, “Go and motivate them.” No! He said, “Go and preach MY GOSPEL” – Never said, “Go after what you love.” – Never said, “Go after your dreams.” – Never said, “Be great in this World.” On the contrary: GIVE UP EVERYTHING AND YOU WILL GAIN ME (life). But there is always a glutton for the World. You can enjoy the things of the World but don’t let that have you. A carnal mind will feed anything that is of the World. If you want to kill it, you must starve it. You say, “I want to be effective,” but it is impossible without a renewed mind.

Come out from among IT, and THEM! You can’t have both: the World and Him! The power is proof that the World came out of the disciples. Out of their bellies came words of life. He came to show what they could do in Him. How can I claim that I know Him and be together with the World? God wants oracles and not orators.

The first Adam fell in sin but the second Adam gave us power over it, bringing this divine nature back to man. The second Adam was never tempted with the things of this World. The World has nothing in Him. Look at when Jesus was tempted in the desert. Jesus said, “For the prince of this world cometh, and hath nothing in me.” That is what a renewed mind would say concerning the things of this World.

A born again, regenerated, and renewed person is bold in Him. They are the ones that came out of the world and the world came out of them. What makes me a son? What is the sign of a son? When you come out of the World! That is the greatest sign of your sonship. Before you were a son of the devil and now you are a son of God. Then stop looking like the World, thinking like them, acting like them. Paul said: “Let this mind be in you!” The mind of Christ – the thinking of Christ.

We must come out from IT or we will never be out OF IT! Let the Word renew your mind today so His Word will be glorified in you. He will not take us OUT of the World but He will take the World out of us! He will deliver us from evil: the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eye, and the pride of life. All things that never satisfy us just control us.

He is sanctifying us by HIS TRUTH and sending us to the World filled with it: power, truth, and the Holy Spirit. Now we go into all the World without the World in us. It is impossible to go into something that we never came out from. If you are totally worldly-minded, you can never change the World. You can never change the World if you have never come out of it.

The renewing of the mind must be happening. We must be ONE with Him and not with the World. When you go into the World, you are going as sheep among wolves. If the World is inside you, you will be just like they are. We must get the wolf cut off of us. The World is waiting for this manifestation.

We are not OF THE WORLD. He chose us OUT of it. The World hated them. They should hate us as well. Are you OF God or OF the Devil? Are you of the World or of His Word? “In this the children of God are manifest, and the children of the devil: whosoever does not righteousness is not OF GOD…” 1 John 3:10. Where are the marks of your sonship? Where are the marks of your discipleship? Reading your Bible does not make you a son. Going to a church building does not make you a son? Quoting scriptures does not make you a son? What are the marks of your sonship? Coming out of the spirit of this age! A renewed mind is the mark of a son. Being born from above and being heavenly-minded not earthly-minded is the proof of sonship in obedience.

He wants us to behold His glory! And to be one with Himself! That the love that is in Jesus may be in us. That the unity between Him and the Father may be equally the same – in us. We want to meditate with the mind of Christ. We want to be OF the light, OF Christ, having one master. O heavenly Father, take the World out of us and make us anew! 
By Shane W Roessiger

Word: Romans 12:1-18, Colossians 3:1-10, Ephesians 4:22-24, Mark 16:14-20, John 15:19, 1 John 2:15-17, John 17

Watch the full message: https://youtu.be/EJf0j6vNlIg


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